Do I need the touchpad update?
Hey guys, still enjoying my PBP and having a blast with a few different distros.

Manjaro is still by far the best; I certainly wish there was a decent Ubuntu option. What is your favorite Ubuntu distro for PBP? - I even liked the close-to-Ubuntu Armbian.....

But for THIS question:

I got my PBP two weeks ago, so its one of the more recent deliveries... I've been told in other posts to update my touchpad firmware. However, since my PBP is a recent delivery do I still need to do this? Or... how do I check to see if my touchpad is on the most current firmware?

And, is this an upgrade that people have a lot of issues with? The touchpad *IS* the weakest point of this laptop, however with taps as opposed to clicks I have learned it enough that it isn't REALLY in my way. It sucks a little bit, but... I can get around the desktop using it.

I live in terminal alot so.... and/or I can always just use an external. However, if doing the update will help it be a little smoother - without much risk or downside; I think I am capable of doing the update.

I can search the wiki, but if you know where the info is about it, too that would be helpful.

Thanks for any details - I just wonder since mine is so new, maybe its already updated. THANKS.
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