Pinephone dock with Pinebook Pro?
(09-21-2020, 11:26 AM)andras.h Wrote:
(09-20-2020, 06:32 PM)karlnicholas Wrote: Has anyone attempted (or had success) using the usb-c dock from the Pinephone convergence package with their Pinebook Pro? 
I've been able to use it as a usb hub, but I have not gotten the HDMI out to work (I haven't had a chance to try the ethernet jack yet, that's on my to-do list).
I know there have been issues with PMOS and the HDMI on the dock, but I don't know if the the pbp would have the same issues (I'm running the out-of-the-box Manjaro on it).
Yes, but I had to install the linux-pinebookpro kernel, and it seems to work only when I boot up the system with the dock and display attached. Ethernet is also working.

Attaching the dock when the PBP is running is also possible, however it seems to work only in one orientation. So if your dock is not working, try rotating the connector 180 degrees.
Good to know, I'll have to check that out!
Update: It does indeed work, and just as you said, the HDMI out on the dock only works in one direction (happens to be upside down for me).

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