Manjaro reinstall to factory setting?
So I just wanted to reply to give you my run down of using manjaro-arm-flasher and a small howto...

This is easy stuff.

If you want the current, original Manjaro back on your eMMC storage of your Pinebook Pro:

Just download the Manjaro (For SDCard & eMMC) version 20.08 at the link above.
Burn it to an SDcard and insert SDcard into your Pinebook Pro.
Boot in, and login with all the questions it has for you.
Update your Manjaro to current, Add/Remove Software - UPDATE.
Then use the same pamac software to search and download manjaro-arm-flasher.
Run manjaro-arm-flasher.
Select Pinebook Pro, KDE Plasma Edition (or what you want), Version 20.08, and mmcblk2.
**If mmcblk2 isn't listed, you need to unmount it with umount /dev/mmcblk2p1 and umount /dev/mmcblk2p2.
Then, select mmcblk2 in manjaro-arm-flasher.
Click GO, flash, start...
When finished, take shutdown.
Take out your Manjaro SDcard.
Reboot the Pinebook Pro with no SDcard inserted and you will see it is back to factory settings as it was when you first got it.

Simple pimple, this Pinebook Pro. Most issues are user error; if you give it the right data and input, this thing will purr along. REMEMBER, it only does what you tell it to - so... the answer is just a correct answer or three away.
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