Manjaro reinstall to factory setting?
(09-19-2020, 08:46 AM)crazytalk Wrote: What is this flashing tool called? How do I find it. I can boot from the SD but cannot figure out what to do next after its setup!


I assumed it would be installed on the ISO by now (as it is on the Manjaro Pinephone ISO) so if it's not in the menu, just install it with pamac.

NB. there is also manjaro-arm-emmc-flasher (this runs on each boot so not what you want) : Manjaro gitlab readme

'Can I use this flasher to flash over OTHER OSes to eMMC in this same way? At any rate, thanks for your reply...'

No problem, but I doubt it, Manjaro have no reason to make this support other distros schemas and conventions but you could look at their code on gitlab and see for yourself.

Here's a Manjaro forum post about using it and having to unmount emmc before it worked.

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