General getting started
It is somewhat painful for me to write this letter, or message, in part because I have not had the time to
more fully examine the product of this complaint: a PineBook Pro laptop.
It is approaching the one-year anniversary of first learning about this laptop. This laptop was of
interest to me for a number of reasons. First, it is a decent sized computer that does not depend on any
Microsoft product for operation. In the two years just prior to the introduction of this laptop, I had
suffered a major problem during one of many forced ‘updates and upgrades’ with the Windows 10
operating system. The ‘upgrade’ started to reboot the computer (a somewhat normal event during any
software upgrade) but this time the operating system presented a log-in page that wanted an account
username and password. I entered the information that I thought was wanted and pressed Enter. The
same page came up with a warning: ‘Information entered is not valid. Enter correct information to
continue.’ After trying to enter (and reenter) the log-in information two or three more times, I loaded a
DVD that had an ISO for Ubuntu Linux and switched the computer over. I have not regretted that
decision. After making the switch I started reading and studying about the Linux operating system and
programming language. Progress was starting to be made in my knowledge about Linux.
Then the PineBook Pro was announced. I carefully read the early reviews and write-ups about the
laptop and watched all of the videos that were posted to the different sites. In about October 2019, I
found a way to order one of those laptops for my own. Then the Corona Virus hit and everything shut
down. Probably because the laptop is considered a ‘consumer good’ and not urgently needed by any
individual, company, or government office, the production and shipment of them was greatly reduced
and halted. There was no notification either from Pine 64 or from PayPal that the laptop would be
delayed due to the virus. There also had been no notice or confirmation that my order had even been
During the time when everything was shut down, I spent a lot of my time reading and studying about
both the new laptop and the Linux operating system. And the specific operating system that was to be
installed on the laptop. During my reading I did not find any mention of any warranty or any other
end-user protection on the PineBook Pro. The laptop was delivered in either late April or sometime in
May of 2020. One of the first things I, as the owner of several other computers (several of which no
longer work), was the lack of a product serial number. Some companies use a serial number that
includes the year, month, and day a given product was approved for shipment. Also, there was no
mention of any warranty. And no user guide to help a new user get started. Granted, Linux is not an
operating system known as ‘user friendly’ for a person lacking extensive computer programming
experience. When a problem came up, and some did, I went to the Forum and posted my problem or
question. Sometimes an answer would be posted in one day. Many other times it would take several
days before a helpful answer would get posted. A few of the answers did suggest using an item or
software patch to help gain access to the area where the problem was halting the boot process.
Sometimes those tips failed to include any link to the item mentioned or the software patch desired.I had ordered my PineBook Pro with the 128 GB eMMC module. And when the laptop was delivered,
there was a small case in the packaging that does contain that module. The laptop arrived with the
original 64 GB of eMMC. In one of the user manuals I found online, there are instructions on how to
install the larger module. There were no pictures (either drawing or photographic) of the exact location
of these modules or how they should be oriented when being installed.
About two weeks ago, I did attempt to install the larger module in my laptop. When I then tried to
power it on with the larger module installed, nothing happened. The power LED did not respond to
any key press on the power button. Even when the charging cord and external power unit were
connected to an external outlet, the power button still had no effect.
Today I attempted to restore the laptop to the original memory condition with the 64 GB eMMC
module and see if it would power on again. And again, there was no response with the power LED or
any of the other indicators of ‘normal’ power on state. Frankly, I am at a loss as to what to do. I cannot
find any real street or post office address where a postal message could be sent. The delay time for
questions or comments in the Forum is, in my opinion, discouraging. One group that I follow has
software that can be used on almost any computer no matter the operating system; Windows, Mac, or
Linux. In that group, if any user of that software encounters any problem, the user can post his/her
problem in a user forum and after a few emails are exchanged to help identify what the problem might
be, there would be a solution posted within a week of the original problem. Other ‘consumer items’
that I own (cameras, cell phone, two way radios, etc.) each have known physical addresses where a
user of that product (whichever one it might be) could either send a regular postal letter or request
authorization to return that item for inspection and repair if the repair is needed.
As I said above, if I attempt to turn the PineBook Pro on even with the external power supply plugged
in and connected, absolutely nothing happens and the screen remains dark. I would really like to learn
to use the PineBook Pro and the Linux and Manjaro operating systems.
Thank you,
James Good

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