Pinetab audio and bluetooth
(09-11-2020, 01:55 PM)ladyerrant Wrote: Just got my pinetab in. Impressed wtih how its working on mobian. The only issues I've come across are a) audio not working. I've tried with pavucontrol and alsamixer (with the card selected, not the fake pulseaudio device) but nothing in the output chain is muted. b) bluetooth is not working, firmware is there but it never gets loaded.

Hi, I think audio is being fixed in recent images (if not mobian, then Arch) - I assume you already know that, but for anyone else reading this: images are listed at wiki:

Regarding bluetooth - as of writing, it's not working on any platform I'm tested, but most promising sound developers of Arch images (you might need to run "sudo pacman -Syu" in terminal in order to download updates, when it will be ready).

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