... and now the screens broken.
(09-11-2020, 04:00 PM)K_Research Wrote: Replacement parts should be available when the first batch of a product is produced, the parts distribution should have been operational when products are first run.

My first experience with a smart phone was opened my flip phone to make a call and it died, wife had been nagging for me to upgrade my phone for months, she took my flip phone and ran off to the apple store a few hrs later she came home with a new phone I removed the lid from the box picked up the phone and in the process of turning it over to view the screen it slipped out of my man hands and hit the floor breaking the screen.

Was like handling a big ice cube with grease on your hands, Steve Jobs is a dumbass, few hrs later wife came back with a another new phone this one had a cover on it so it would not slip out of my hands and if I dropped it was better protected.

This PinePhone needs a Otter type cover its next on my list, also will order another back cover not sure how many times it can be removed and reinstalled, seems to be high quality, right now my PinePhone spends all its time on my desk awaiting updates...
I've been using my Braveheart daily since early Feb, one of the first things I noticed was that there was no way the cover would last continual removal replacement cycles, and sure enough seven months of daily  removal have led to three small cracks in the area around the power/volume switches - it's still functioning well but occasionally one side of a crack sticks up when replacing it. I  ordered a spare a few months ago, which arrived the day before my pinetab, It''s a sub $10 part and well worth having a backup. The first thing I noticed about the Tab tho, was how inflexible the back cover is - which may make some sense since you're not supposed to disassemble it so frequently, I think the design uses the back cover to provide some structural support to the whole unit. If you're going to do that and have a device that's internally upgradeable, I think securing it with screws is a better option than a snap on cover.
The removal process is also complicated by the pogo pins, I understand the desire to show they can be used for something, but maybe just an add on bluetooth or other 2.4ghz keyboard could be a better idea. the Magnetic attachment method is nice, but I keep finding random screws and pieces of metal from my desk stuck to the side of the tab.

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