Pine64 doesn't respect its return and refund policy
I hope you get your money back on the return. As for the forum, sadly there are fanboys that appear to think any negative comments about Pine64 are an attack rather than an opportunity to improve. After my first order (Pinetab) would say there is a lot of room for improvement in how Pine64 operates and communicates with customers.

I agree, I placed an order a month ago on NON PREORDER items (emmc, m.2 and emmc usb). Didn't hear anything, opened a ticket and got mixed responses, one of them said that they confirmed I would be receiving a pinephone, one of them confirmed I would be receiving a pinebook pro. I ended up requesting a refund, as I know the company and website are going through some changes. Yes I ordered a $200 computer and yes I received $20 customer service (have to acknowledge that before all the fanboys attack me). It's an awesome computer, I just wish the company would be attentive to customer requests and feedback. Hopefully after the pandemic, I'm hoping that things get better.

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