Pine64 doesn't respect its return and refund policy
(09-10-2020, 02:19 PM)lot378 Wrote: Well, that's the catch 22 - you have to return within 15 days and take the gamble they will refund you. If the items are in pristine condition then what are you worried about? They won't guarantee a refund until they've seen the items for themselves -- you know that because it's written in the policies you've referred. I can see how support would have said "if you don't like our policies then ebay them" if you were trying to circumvent policy i.e. get a guarantee of the refund before posting them!

Staff have a bar under their name; I'm not staff.

Why are you reluctant to mention exactly what items you've bought or your reasons to return them?

"Take the gamble they will refund you", not everyone is ok throwing money out of the window.
I already know about the policy, my problem was that I needed to know the process (where do I send my items back or anything that I'm supposed to do for the return). Also usually on website you need to contact the support or click on a button to return it, they also provide the label (address).

I'm not reluctant to mention my items, you are not part of the staff and I don't see why I should tell you the details of my orders or my reasons to return them.

I don't like you tone so it will be my last message to you, I posted here to get help. I wonder why you are defending them so much though...

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