Ordered my 3 phones on April 20, 2020 and only 1 arrived!
Why am I posting the following on this forum?

Because, apparently I cannot seem to get this issue resolved. I am not certain if the different departments of Pine64 actually communicate with each other when there is a problem or an issue, but it does not appear that they do from my perspective.

The last response I received from Pine64 Sales on 8/25/2020.

Dear Douglas Kitchen,

Both orders have been submitted and pending on 4PX response. We will resolve the undelivered packages as soon as 4PX response us.

Thank you and will keep in touch with you!


Pine64 team

On 8/13/20 2:02 PM, Sales Pine 64 wrote:

Quote:Dear Douglas Kitchen,

Thank you for contacting us. We will contact 4PX service to follow up consignments of order 130041 and 130046 to deliver soon.

Have a nice day!

Pine64 team
Before anyone tells me about the shipping policy, note:

That due to Covid-19, deliveries were taking longer than usual according to USPS. So being patient and hoping for the best; I waited for what I thought was a reasonable amount of time before I contacted Pine64 Support, which in turn referred me to Pine 64 Sales.

Apparently my 3 phones allegedly arrived at USPS partner facility on 7/27/2020. of the 3 phones ordered, only 1 arrived to me on 7/30/2020.

So what happened to the other 2?

How long does it take for 4PX to get back to Pine64?

This is really abysmal customer service at this point.

On 9/20/2020 Six (6) months will have passed since I placed my orders and still I have not received my 2 missing phones. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Very frustrated and disappointed,

Douglas Kitchen

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