nvme drive disappears after about an hour of uptime
My apologies for the delayed response.

It's good to hear that your NVMe drive now works as expected.  Thank your for confirming that the volatile nature of drive stats is not the general rule.  By the way, based on user reports here on the forum, the need to restrict the PCIe interface to Gen1 speed seems not to be affecting all RK3399 chips, so it's even better that yours seems not to be affected.

Regarding your question about the barrel port charger, I'd suggest that you buy the official PineBook Pro charger from the Pine64 store.  It's inexepensive and has solid build quality, at least based on the way its exterior looks and feels.  Trying to source an "aftermarket" charger with the right barrel plug and right plug polarity would take a lot of time and, at best, would result in a charger that requires some sort of an ugly, bulky barrel plug adapter.  Trust me, I've tried. Smile

The lockup issues you've described seem pretty bad.  The only thing that comes to my mind is some sort of power or overheating issue, although I cannot see what could be the actual culprit.  It might also be some manufacturing defect.  You might want to create an official ticket, if the issue persists.

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