nvme drive disappears after about an hour of uptime
It is really strange that reinserting the ribbon cable makes the NVMe drive to appear again, but it may very well be caused by the excessive lenght of the ribbon cable.  What is the revision of the NVMe adapter you're using, the first revision (with the wider PCB), or the second revision (which has a narrow PCB)?

In a pinch, you could try applying some hot glue to the ends of the ribbon cable, where they meet the PCB connectors, to stop the cable from accidentally becoming loose.  I know, it may look messy, but I've seen hot glue even in some high-end products, so it should be good enough for the PineBook Pro. Smile

I've continued the investigation you started, and it seems that APST (Autonomous Powe State Transition) issues with NVMe drives, unfortunately, are pretty much here to stay, depending on the actual NVMe drive and the system it is used in.

Could you, please, run the tests with all power states disabled, so we can establish that as a stable configuration?  After that, I'd suggest that you change the "nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency" setting to have only the lowest power state disabled, and re-run the tests.  If that ends up in instability, have the latency setting changed to have two lowest power states disabled, re-run the tests, etc.

I know, it's a lot of work, but should be helpful for other users.  I've also added a link to this thread to the PineBook Pro wiki page(s).

Edit: According to the Linux kernel NVMe driver source, only a single Toshiba NVMe SSD has confirmed APST-related issues.  However, we clearly see that more drives are affected on certain systems.  By the way, please make sure that the PCIe link in your PineBook Pro runs at Gen1 speed, as described here.

Edit #2: You may also try using pure alcohol to clean the ends of the ribbon cable.  Before applying hot glue, of course. Smile

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