First time user experiencing weird keyboard issues
Not sure where this post fits, but since I'm a first time user I'll put it here.

I recently received a PineBook Pro.  I am very enthusiastic about this project and would like to get everything up and running well, but I'm worried by some problems I have been having that I've never seen with any other Linux install or computer, and I've installed many.

The biggest worry has been the keyboard.  On first boot, all went well with login and input of requested info.  As suggested, I updated the software on the PineBook Pro.  I rebooted, and after rebooting, all was still well.  After charging, the next time I booted and logged in all went well, but suddenly the keyboard was unresponsive.  I logged out to see if that would fix the problem.  However, I was not able to log back in because the login failed.  I enabled password visibility so I could see what I was typing.  The keys I hit had nothing to do with the letters that appeared.

The first letter I typed did not appear at all.  After that, all letters appeared as CAPS, even though caps lock was not on.  Turning caps lock on resulted in letters being typed in lower case.  However, whether caps lock was enabled or not it was impossible to type any numbers.  The symbols above the numbers was all that appeared. 
Rebooting once, then twice did not solve the issue.  I was unable to login.  Thinking it a lost cause, I shut down the computer.  This morning when I rebooted I could login and all was well.  For awhile....

Then the same issue started repeating itself.  This time I noticed it was mainly an issue of caps or not.  If I typed a letter, I could get caps, but if I kept re-typing it, I would get some lower case letters to appear as well.  At any rate, nothing consistent.  Of course, this makes the PBP essentially unusable, especially when I need to type a password in the terminal and can't see what's being typed!

However, I need a computer that I can rely on.  I take it with me and need to know when I boot I can login without any trouble.  I need to know what this problem was so I can avoid it.  Perhaps I should mention that KWin constantly crashes.  I tried LXQt to see if it might be a KDE issue, but kwin also crashed just as much.  Reinstalling kwin didn't help.

My eventual plan is to remove Manjaro which I have never liked and install another distro, probablly Arch Linux since there is quite a bit of PBP software for it.  My second choice would be Fedora.

Has anyone had this kind of issue?  I really want to be a PBP user but need reliability.


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