Pinephone with Google Fi SIM
(11-15-2020, 12:18 PM)zdunn Wrote:
(09-05-2020, 03:27 PM)rocket2nfinity Wrote:
(09-05-2020, 09:17 AM)riotsu Wrote: I just got my Pinephone and super psyched to start messing around with it.  Has anyone tried a Google Fi data-only SIM?  I was thinking of getting a free pay as you go one.
Yes, works well

Was there any special steps to setting it up? The instructions that come with the Fi sim card say use the Fi app to finish setup.
No, Just activate the card on the Google Fi website and insert. No Fi app needed. But this assumes you already have a Fi account. Should be the same process if you are using a full phone service sim on a new account. The full sim works with the same problems everyone is having with t-mobile service - i.e. calls work or don't depending on which OS you're using, sms receives ok, some trouble sending depending on OS again.

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