Clusterboard does not even turn on?
So I finally found the time to look into the Clusterboard I got a while back, but strangely enough I can't even get it to turn on Sad

I only have ATX power supply for now (tried two different ones) and the little green light on the Sophine modules turns on when I connected it.

However everything else stays dark.

When I short circuit the two pins in the power switch connector as seen on this pictures:
the red power light next to the ATX connector shortly flashes but that's it. Only when I continously connect the two pins of the power switch the lights of the Clusterboard come to life and it seems to cycle through some test program or so, but as soon as the power switch is not short circuted everything goes black again.

I also got a single 15W10ohmJ resistor block and I tried to connect it both to the 3.3V and the 12V holes as seen in the link above, but other than that it gets extremely hot on the 12V, there is no difference in the behaviour of the cluster board.

Did I already accidentially break it with my clueless tinkering?

Edit: for testing I only connected 1 or 2 modules with the emmc and a sd card, so I don't think the problem is what others have described with all 7 modules connected.

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Clusterboard does not even turn on? - by poVoq - 08-11-2020, 02:50 PM

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