Delayed shut down or restart through power menu
In the last few days my phone has started showing a weird delay when I try to shut it down or restart. After selecting either option from the power menu the screen goes blank for a few seconds, but then instead of showing the Mobian splash screen and shutting down like usual, it goes back to the regular homescreen with all my apps for maybe 10-12 seconds, and then the Mobian splash screen comes up and it shuts down. Seems to be a Phosh issue, since it doesn't happen if I reboot from the terminal. But I'm wondering if other people are experiencing this too, or if I did something to my system to cause this (I was having some problems with u-boot earlier in the week).

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Delayed shut down or restart through power menu - by DarkManiels - 08-07-2020, 11:52 AM

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