Is there a better audio / podcast player?
I should post this here too.

I got flatpak installed and grabbed Cozy

Now I need to figure out scaling as it is unusable for now.(fixed below)
I did install it on my laptop though, I feel like the over-automated nature similar to modern music players auto-scanning the designated music or audiobook directories and no easy option for making a manual playlist hand chosen from files or directories is not welcome. I think that kind of UI is probably common for Android, Win, and Apple devices but is not in keeping in with the hackable flexibility most of us expect from Linux apps.
I did
scale-to-fit com.github.geigi.cozy on
Not great, it is now way too small, but at least I can now see Cozy's whole UI
Maybe toggling the scale-to-fit back off once I feel happy with the settings or have a book loaded.
I wish Cozy had short and long skip forward and back buttons as well as a bookmark button, the UI is overly minimized.
that said with an audiobook player and working telephoney I think I think about using the pine as my primary phone and using my N900 as a backup once I have Bluetooth PAN working so I cna tether my tablet and laptop to mobile-Internet.

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