Day 5 with my PBP & PP
I'm a Canadian living in Serbia, ordered two Pinebook Pros and a Pinephone a couple months ago via Poland, finally got my hands on them.

I'm very happy with the PBPs. I opened them up and exchanged the screens, because of reasons (a dead pixel, but it seems to have woken up), it was very easy and I can see doing other mods.

The battery occasionally draining faster than the charge can charge it is a bit weird, the speakers are... unfortunate and on one of the units the trackpad is a bit proud in one corner and not so clicky. Maybe a slight corona-related issue, not a huge problem. Everything else is good. They look sharp and run well. Ah, need a toothpick or something to get the microSD card out, a bit too fiddly.

I was on some ancient no-battery beast for months, life was hell. Doing my work daily on the PBP now, huge, huge improvement. If I designed a laptop, it would pretty much be this, but at the same time, if something happens to it, for $200, not a huge deal, which I appreciate.

The phone, physically is pretty impressive. Just can't really do anything with it yet given the state of software development. I'm biased in favor of the postmarketOS/plasma design philosophy, but it's not the most usable option out there atm. Some kind of resolution/hardware acceleration issue too. Trying sailfish next. UBPorts looked nice, I'll give it that.

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