apt-get update hanging twice (work-around included)
I guess, we could be seeing:

We are using chrony as time sync daemon instead of the systemd ntp one. And the Debian bug then experiences similar hangs with the sstemd-time-wait-sync service running (which does not work with chronyd):

>  systemd-time-wait-sync.service      start running
Hm, this service is not enabled by default and I'm guessing it prevents
time-sync.target to be reached, blocking all subsequent services.

The man page says:
>        systemd-time-wait-sync is a system service that delays the start of units that depend on time-sync.target
>        until the system time has been synchronized with an accurate time source by systemd-timesyncd.service.

So, any timer that waits until the time is synchronized is on hold. And the apt-daily-upgrade.timer is one of those, I guess.

UPDATE: I don't experience the hangs myself. Could somebody who does check with

```systemctl status systemd-time-wait-sync.service```

to see if this service is somehow enabled on their mobian device?

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