Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
It's obviously a technical/design debt on the PBP.

The reason Pine probably included both in the design may be because they have a mountain of barrel-jack power supplies and getting in USB-C PD power supplies to provide with the PBP would have been very expensive and not reduced the size of the barrel-jack power supply mountain.

Probably more mileage in discussing why PBP are not supplied with all four types of socket modules for the power supply? And are shipped with just two of them (it's just weird those parts probably only cost a couple of pennies each) -- if you're really out of luck neither of the two supplied socket modules are usable in the country of the shipping destination. At least if you get a paperweight power supply due to not having the right socket module (like mine is) USB-C provides another power option.

Or discussing why USB-C PD is not enough to fully charge the battery while using the PBP?

Or discussing what happens when a power supply is connected to both ports at the same time?

It circles back to eliminating the technical/design debt ending up using just UDB-C PD and changing circuitry to adapt switching the PD.

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