source code for Truecrypt? or for 32 bit ARM?
(08-01-2020, 06:48 AM)llsf Wrote: It's probably build from the upstream Arch sources. The PKGBUILD is at – you can take a look at it to see where the source is at.

I'd caution against using it, though – you should instead opt to using VeraCrypt instead, which is compatible with Truecrypt volumes.

It seems like it's not in the Manjaro ARM repos yet, so you might have to look into building it yourself – the upstream Arch sources might be a good starting point again:


Quickly gave it a spin: Builds cleanly without further modification from the Arch PKGBUILD.

If I am going to convert to Veracrypt then it will be all in, so it will be on every PC and OS that I own.
To that end would you mind checking if it builds on aarch64 as well please?

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