USB C dock - hdmi adventure
(08-07-2020, 10:32 AM)murak Wrote: Interesting timing, because today I spent installing xfce on Mobian and banging my noob-head trying to get lightdm to show up after boot so that I could choose either xfce or phosh. Long story short I disabled lightdm.service and phosh.service after concluding that gdm was installed. I was greeted with a black screen and since I don't have ssh I think I have to reflash.
If you are going to ride out on the bleeding edge you need to be prepared for everything to go wrong, serial isn't just for breakfast.   Big Grin   Keep a cable handy and you will always have a way back in, even if the display, WiFi and USB are all toast.  Beats reflashing and having to start from scratch.

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