Is it possible to add to an order?
(07-27-2020, 12:57 PM)TheCraiggers Wrote: I preordered the new PinePhone as soon as I heard about it. Fast forward a couple weeks, and I find out about cases and screen protectors. Is it possible to add these to my order to reduce shipping costs and carbon footprints alike?

You can order just the phone, or the phone with the convergence package,  but nothing else on that order,  it is because of shipping regulations.

The PineTab can be ordered alone or with the case/keyboard,  nothing else on that order.     (per shipping regulations)

  With the Pinebook Pro,  I think you may be able to purchase the PCIe adapter with the PBP,  but nothing else.   (per shipping regulations)

  Some items in the store are only available as single replacement items,  while some are available in multiple pieces.
But  I think you can put as many pieces into a regular order as you need, with the above noted exceptions.

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