My Pinebook Pro after a month of use.
I got my PBP a couple of weeks ago and I'm almost at the point of using it as my main laptop.

I am finding the screen a little bit too small / high res, but I'm sure that's a simple adjustment somewhere.
The keyboard is quite nice.
The trackpad was horrible out of the box because I couldn't make small movements, but with the new firmware and a bit of tweaking it's nearly there.
I do find the trackpad a bit "cheap" feeling though. As I'm a neanderthal I mostly physically click the bottom left of the trackpad as I don't really get on with gestures or even tap to click because that didn't exist when I learned Windows 3.1. The physical click is very harsh compared with the Thinkpad T470 that my employer gives me and sends a real jolt through my fingers.

What I am absolutely loving is the slim portableness and even more I like the battery life.

Given that I bought it basically as a portable Raspberry Pi, which it does with Debian in a chroot, it actually goes way beyond that.

So far it's been really stable software wise as well, probably more so than Windows 10 which often blue screens coming out of sleep on my T470 though that could be my employers build I guess.

Setting Global Scaling to 125% in Settings, Display seems to fix high res / small screen issue.

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