No battery or wifi after poweroff
Hey I tried to find an answer for this for the last few hours but couldn't. I currently can't get any battery info or wifi or even networking on my pinebook pro.

I've booted it off an SD and the internal emmc. The iemmc is running the out the box Manjaro and the SD was running same but with lxqt on a cryptsetup.

A few days back I'd updated the thing and I think there were well over 60 packages and I don't think it was rebooted at the time.

Last night I let the battery run out after forgetting to plug it in and I'm pretty sure it did a poweroff command but anyways when I went to try it out today there's no battery information that can be gotten and nothing is showing up for networking, there's no wlan0. I've also tried a USB wifi and even that won't do a thing and I know it works.

Also the battery certainly works as I can boot it unplugged and run it without ac power with no issues.

Could there been something I screwed up because I didn't reboot it after those updates or what? What can I do here?

Why does this affect both of these? I only updated the os on the SD card.

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No battery or wifi after poweroff - by Goin2mars - 07-19-2020, 08:00 AM

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