USB-C Dock and HDMI, revison 1.2 (Modded)
I have a hardware modified Braveheart as per I flashed the anx7688 using the firmware from megous at I basically get the same message from dmesg:

[18985.913240] anx7688 0-0028: dp state changed to 0x00
[19026.231163] anx7688 0-0028: dp state changed to 0x03

Not sure how the usb c alternate mode is switched to.

There appears to be a kernel module which isn't modprobed  - /lib/modules/5.7-pinephone/kernel/drivers/usb/typec/altmodes/typec_displayport.ko.

There's some kernel doco here which doesn't really clear things up (not that I really understand it anyway) -

I saw that Marrtijn Braam from postmarketos did a youtube video showing it working but I can't find any doco from him on this wiki or his blog. It looks like the postmarketos people have looked at packaging up the firmware so maybe they are sorting out the whole issue. I have been using Mobian and have no idea what they are up to in this are. 

It looks like, if there is any doco on this, it hasn't been put anywhere easy to find. If it is as simple as plugging in a usb c dock and it all should work, why is it not working for some people (including me)? If someone is aware of all the caveats/gotchas, that coulsd include hardware version etc., could they please enumerate them here.


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