3D Printed Case w/CAD Source Code
I've never used SketchUp, but STL files seem to be somewhat of a standard, it would be interesting to try importing my STL file into SketchUp.  But why not just go with my source code and run OpenSCAD to generate new STL?

I've explored three commercial companies, "i.materialize", "Sculpteo", and "Shapeways".  You can upload your STL file and get a price quote without committing to any expense.  Shapeways is my current favorite based on price and quality, but I have no commercial interest in any of the three.  There may be others that a google search would reveal.  I've printed maybe half a dozen various designs, so the volume is not there to afford a printer of my own.  They ship your item pretty quickly.  My next project may be a case for the Raspberry Pi 3.

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