Screen Brightness Question
(07-12-2020, 06:19 AM)0x070 Wrote:
(07-11-2020, 11:53 PM)LinuxBrave Wrote:
(07-11-2020, 10:35 PM)0x070 Wrote:
(07-11-2020, 09:21 PM)LinuxBrave Wrote: Well...this one I figured out on my own. It was in the power section in settings. I will tell you, I purchased the UBPorts version of this phone. The Mobian install works 10,000 times better than the UBPorts software that came preinstalled. I am running it off the card. Trying to see if there is any reason I would want to keep a piece of software on this phone that does not work. Namely the entire install.
I replaced the Ubuntu Touch OS with Mobian on the eMMc and I have no regrets. I just tried Ubuntu Touch on an SD card and it's still as buggy as the day I first tried it.
How will I know the phone is done being flashed? How long does it take?

I used the 'status=progress' flag for the dd command, which gives you a progress bar as the image is being flashed. The PinePhone's LED blinks red while the image is being written. Mobian took ~10 minutes. There's a stickied thread on the forum for flashing to eMMc as well.
sudo dd if=mobianImage.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress

I appreciate the info. I went ahead and flashed my Pinephone to Mobian last night. Mobian works WAY better than UBPorts. I think after one is able to figure out the thing with MMS, they would be very close to having a fully functional install for phones that will take the build. If our phones had double the ram and double the processor, with additional built in storage, these phones would be more mainstream.

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