Unable to send SMS on US Mobile GSM (T-Mobile MVNO)
July 07, 2020

    "20200707 Nightly Build"     ( on AT&T  GSM network )

On a Fresh Boot of Mobian I am having a problem opening my SMS text app.

When I try to open my text app  I get the page     "Start Chatting"  :  then  >   add or activate an account in "Preferences"

  In Preferences you have a choice of :  XMPP   or  Telegram  ...    there is NO  SMS  choice ?

**  I have been getting around this by using a second phone,  
                                                       I send my Mobian phone a text, and then I open the "new text".

      Once I have the "SMS text App"  open the first time  --   it works great after that,       I can close it   AND   RE-open it.

           Huh       But after I re-boot,  it will not open until I get another   fresh     "'incoming text'"

    >>        Can SMS be added to the choices on the preferences page ?

               Thanks,  BC

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RE: Unable to send SMS on US Mobile GSM (T-Mobile MVNO) - by bcnaz - 07-07-2020, 08:32 PM

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