NVME problem
(07-01-2020, 08:23 AM)tophneal Wrote: Did you have to fold the ribbon cable from the main board to the adapter, at all? Pinches on the ribbon cable can cause it to disappear.
I was able to do this without folding the ribbon. It looks like ok. Just ordered nvme to usb adapter to check if the ssd is broken.

After I secured the ribbon with tape I was able to get nvme work after boot once. But after next reboot it is not available anymore.

Smth wired. The nvme seems to work only after poweroff but not after reboot.

After adding the following line to crontab issue is probably solved (because save switch is not supported).

sudo nvme set-feature /dev/nvme0 -f 2 -v 2

The battery was lower 15% today for the first time after I've installed the ssd.

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