Pine64 Customer Service and Sales Support, or the lack of it...
(06-22-2020, 03:10 AM)valentin Wrote: Hello,

Having issues with the microphone on my PinePhone BH edition, I contacted Customer Service. After exchanging many emails Pine64 agreed to send me a replacement "daughter / side board", waiving the shipment fees if I pay $9.99 for the spare part. I was to create the order then email them the order number so they can refund the shipping fees (see their message below):

"Reviewed your communication with support team#2. To close the case ticket #XXXX  friendly, you purchase the item: PINEPHONE USB-C SIDE BOARD SKU: PPHONE-SIDEB $9.99, we waive the shipping cost.$11.99.


Let us know the order ID after you ordered the spare parts.

Have a nice day!

Pine64 team"

After a few weeks (15/06), when I was nearly sure the microphone was faulty, I made the order, paid for the spare part plus the shipping fees, then emailed back the "Pine64 team" letting them know the order number so they can refund the shipping fees. I haven't heard back since. Today, after a week, I got an automated message from Pine Store ( informing me that my order was completed and shipped. The invoice shows the full amount, including P&P and the final value means that I will be paying custom duties and handling fees to the Post Office.

Not a word from Sales, or Customer Service, and I emailed them nearly every day.

I am a big fan of Open Source, PinePhone, and I really want so support the community but the so called "customer service" experience is hugely disappointing. I am afraid Pine64 is far from being a supplier who cares for their customer.

Please PM me your support ticket number and I will check with support team. Looks like has been fall into the crack.

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