Date and Time changes to august 2115
Hey there,

my PinePhone sets the current date/time to august 2115. Thats terribly annoying because you can't even surf the web without trouble with such an issue (cause TLS-certificates seem to be to old).
And I can't set a new date/time because the internal clock seems to stay with the old and wrong time. Sometimes rebooting helps, but not everytime. Sometimes I'll have to wait...
I had this problem 4 times since yesterday.

Do you know this issue?

Together with stability and heat issues I have I don't know if I got a faulty device. (I know sotware is under heavy development).

Can anyone give me some hint?

Thanks a lot guys!

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Date and Time changes to august 2115 - by rakor - 06-20-2020, 03:39 AM

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