issues with keyboard/trackpad in Manjaro, can't test other OSs
Got my new PB Pro yesterday, and for the most part, I'm really happy with it.  There is an incredibly irritating issue with the trackpad, however.  In most cases, as soon as I stop using the keyboard or touchpad for 2-3 seconds, when I use either again there is about a 500ms lag before the input registers, similar to an older wireless mouse that goes to sleep after a few minutes and doesn't respond immediately when you use it.  The problem here is, in the case of the trackpad, when the initial movement is detected, it sees the movement during that 500ms as happening -instantly-, so the pointer jumps most of the way across the screen.  Situations where this do not occur include the login screen, if the KDE start menu is clicked and active, or if I change trackpad settings in System Settings (though it comes back soon after).

I decided to try flashing an alternate OS to an SD card, but so far the only one I could get to run was Manjaro XFCE, and that has the same problem.  Every other OS image I've tried from has failed in one way or another:

Ubuntu Bionic - no video at all, but system does boot as I hear the Ubuntu login sound.  Ctrl-Alt-F1 does not bring up a visible console.
Ubuntu Focal - eventually was able to get to a text console with Ctrl-Alt-F1
Q4OS - no video, can't tell if it actually booted
Debian Desktop - boots with video, but video is extremely distorted and unreadable.  can see mouse pointer moving though, and it dosen't exhibit the problem.
Chromium - same as Debian, boots with extremely distorted video

In addition, I'm seeing this message repeated in dmesg in Manjaro (I also caught it on the Ubuntu Focal text console):
[  712.933099] rockchip-dp ff970000.edp: Failed to apply PSR -110
[  712.933141] [drm:analogix_dp_bridge_atomic_enable [analogix_dp]] *ERROR* Failed to disable psr -110
[  715.931970] rockchip-dp ff970000.edp: Failed to apply PSR -110
[  715.932011] [drm:analogix_dp_bridge_atomic_enable [analogix_dp]] *ERROR* Failed to disable psr -110
[  716.548933] rockchip-dp ff970000.edp: Failed to apply PSR -110
[  716.548974] [drm:analogix_dp_bridge_atomic_enable [analogix_dp]] *ERROR* Failed to disable psr -110

I've tried reflashing the trackpad firmware, however that did not affect the problem (unsurprising, since this unit just shipped it should have the latest FW).  Also tried different SD cards and USB sticks to boot alternate OSs, with identical results from each.  Also tried re-flashing uboot.  I think my next step may be trying to flash the old uboot from the previous default Debian image, but I'm a little leery to pull the trigger on that one just yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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