Pine64 LTS GbE Problem

My company recently purchased more than 1000 pine64-LTSs.
And in 2019, more than 600 were purchased and used.

Until last year, pine64 was used only in a 10/100 switching environment, but this year it was tested to be used in a Giga network environment.
However, when I tested pine64-lts on the Giga network, a lot of packet loss appeared.
The problem that appeared in the existing Pine64+ seems to appear in the LTS version as well.
I knew that the H/W problem was solved recently, but what happened?

And in order to solve the situation, the device driver was forced to change to 100 Mbps to access the Gigia Switch, but the problem continued to appear.
The problem was confirmed with iperf3 and wireshark.
Additionally, it was confirmed that the 10/100 switch operates normally.
The problem appears only on 1G switch devices.

Please tell me the proper solution.

Test OS : Android 5.1

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Pine64 LTS GbE Problem - by scchoi - 06-19-2020, 08:31 AM
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