Determine battery status and other woes.

I just got my PBP this week. And I was trying to determine the battery status.
For that I have seen some scripts online but it seems they refer to different battery types. They point to another battery device and not the cw2015-battery I have in the PBP.

And once the unit drains the battery and you restore power the Wifi interface seems be left disabled. Even toggling it and a reboot will not fix it.

The output of `acpi -V` is not very clear.

So it seems the specs of the PBP change per batch.

How can I diig up the relevant information?

Regards, Hugo.

The battery status is in /sys/class/power_supply/cw2015-battery/capacity
That is the level in %.

But I haven't yet been able to restore WiFi. There is nothing on the WLAN adapter now.
Had the same issue yesterday. It took me a lot of tinkering to get it back on.

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