CrOS boot from sd, now pinebook doesn't boot anymore
(06-20-2020, 04:14 AM)qdoy55d9wkn8zw Wrote: Got myself another SD card which is faster with more memory. At first, I flashed chromium again, this time it gave a green light, yet it doesn't boot up after half a minute.

I then decided to flash manjaro on this new SD card. And this time, it actually started booting, yet it fails and gives this error:
EXT4-fs error (device mmcxxxxx): ext4_journal_check_start:83: Detected aborted journal
EXT4-fs (mmcxxxxx): Remounting filesystem read-only

So this seems to be related to the actual emmc. Could be wrong tho
Have you tried opening the PBP's back and ensuring that your emmc is securely seated in its socket? There have been many that slipped through QC in this latest batch. Since the functional uboot lives on the emmc, that could cause a lot of boot issues.

Quote:Not sure what I'm supposed to do here. First flash the idbloader.img, then the uboot.img and the nthe trust.img to the sd card and run a few commands when booted?
No, using a live SD, you would write those uboot files to your emmc, using the comands from the uboot update script in the repo.

Quote:Exactly, booting from the eMMC seems broken as well. I only used the chromium image mentioned on the pine wiki, which is not an emmc installer as far as I know.
Correct, it is not an installer image. If your emmc won't boot and you haven't done anything to it, then I certainly suggest opening the back and making sure the emmc is properly seated. There's an image on the wiki that will show you where the emmc is located on the board. Be careful with the bottom panel, the edges are sharp!

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