CrOS boot from sd, now pinebook doesn't boot anymore
(06-19-2020, 06:12 AM)qdoy55d9wkn8zw Wrote: Hi tophneal, thank you so much for your reply!

I've since flashed a new sd card with Chromium, and same issue, I only get an orange power light and a black screen.

The same happens when I don't have an SD card in it.

These lights have a meaning during the boot process, I apologize I can't recall this one, but it's definitely having issues with booting the installed OS.

Quote:Then I tried to flash Manjaro ARM with KDE to the SD card. Tried to boot, still a black screen, yet at some point the light changes from orange to green.

Green during boot typically indicated that the OS has been found and is booting. (Though that's not always the case.) Have you verified that the SD you're using is fast enough, or has no errors? It could be a bunk card for the high speeds required to run an OS from an SD card.

Quote:I don't get why changes to the u-boot would have happened, and how to overwrite the u-boot.

The u-boot changes are pretty normal in the same sense that we get kernel updates. The community has found ways to improve upon it and updates it. Unfortunately in this case, there is an issue with this u-boot update.

Quote:I assume you are referring to this debian image?
Yes, more specifically, you want the idbloader.img, uboot.img, and trust.img files from here:
If you look in the update script in that repo, you'll find the commands needed to write those uboot files to your emmc.

Quote:Yet my PBP came with Manjaro, which seems it should not have been removed from the eMMC just by trying to boot Chromium from the SD card.

To make sure I'm understanding you correctly, are you saying Manjaro no longer boots from your emmc? You're correct here, booting an OS should not overwrite/erase your emmc (unless your booting an emmc installer img.)

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