Arch Linux ARM on the Rock64 V3
I just picked up a Rock64, and wanted to put Arch Linux ARM on it to reuse setup scripts I wrote for another SBC that was already running it.

The instructions didn't work for me -- u-boot failed, I would assume because of the SD changes in the V3 revision. Research made it sound like mainline u-boot should work, but I didn't have any luck with it. master failed with a hang trying to access the SD card, and earlier revisions failed with a "Card did not respond to voltage select!" error.

Armbian did work, and I figured all I needed was really a working u-boot, so I bashed together the u-boot from Armbian with the root filesystem from Arch Linux ARM, and it booted!

I would still love to figure out what I was doing wrong with my u-boot builds (following the instructions from here:, but it seems like it's worked out. Assuming things don't burst into flames or anything.

For reference, this was the process that worked for me:

It's mostly the same as the basic install instructions:
  • In step 1, instead of zeroing out, I ran `dd if=/path/to/Armbian_bionic.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M count=32`
  • Steps 2-8 were unchanged
  • Step 9 was skipped
  • Steps 10-12 were unchanged
  • Skipped updating u-boot through Arch

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