Unable to make a phone call
I just got my PinePhone Ubi edition friday

This is on the "stable" version

I was not expecting "much to work" , but hoped for basic call & sms.
I have installed a Telia Card in the PP , and i can do DATA & SMS but no Call.

If i dial to the pinephone the caller phone (android) says it is busy.
If i dial from the PinePhone it just say call failed.

If i move the Telia simcard to an iPhone 6S calls are working.

So the card isn't "dead" , as Data & SMS are working , just calls doesn't work.

Any hints would be appreciated , even debug tips.

I'm a daily linux user , and ssh etc doesn't scare me Smile 

WiFi seems to work ok , especially after a "warm reboot"
I did have to enter the  WiFi password a few times , as if it had trouble saving it , or forgetting it once in a while.
Just noticed someone saying if you have several AP's with the same SSID (i have 2) , then you might be asked for a passwd where it might not make sense.
It could be the phone trying to auth on the other BSSID ..
Maybe one should auth on AP1 , turn it off & auth on AP2. Hopefully the PP will remember auth on both AP's then



I'm trying to switch to the Development channel right now.
Hope it will solve the issue.

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