Pinebook Pro seems to "seize up" after running any OS...
(06-13-2020, 02:07 PM)bcnaz Wrote:
(06-13-2020, 01:48 PM)rick1959 Wrote: Noting that regardless of what OS is tried, my PBP seems to lock up after a while running...Except the original Debian install. 
I'm trying several OS'es via SD card....
Is it the unit itself or is there some sort of change I need to make??
Thanks for your help :-)
Is that using the same SD card for the different OS tests,  or loading a different SD card for each OS test.?    (Could it be the SD card) ?

   Are you using Balena Etcher to flash your SD card,  I am an amateur, but Balena Etcher seems to always work for me.

  Going in another direction,  if you have had your PBP apart,  is the thermal pad still in place on the cpu,  (getting hot could cause it to freeze)

  ( But, It does NOT freeze when running the original Debian on the eMMC ?   does it run ok if you try the original Deb on an SD card ? )
Ironically, while writing you a reply here a few minutes ago, it crashed and needed a restart!! 

I was using the Chromium OS from the wiki, on a SD card (32 GB Sandisk Ultra, the same one for all OS'es)... Amazon is bringing me a 256 GB Sandisk Ultra this afternoon I'll try soon as it arrives...

Yup, I use Balena Etcher and have always been happy using it......

Nope, never had the PBP apart....Never wanted or needed to....

Right, the original Debian on the emmc always has worked smoothly...

No, never tried the Debian OS on the SD card....Hmmm, maybe I'll give that a try soon as I can....

My interest in PBP has been to make a reliable "daily driver" out of it....Since the original Debian OS is no longer updated, I wanted to see of I could get Manjaro to work smoothly. But with the current issue, that seems to be out of reach.....

As with the PinePhone I got last Monday, it is not quite ready enough for daily driver status either....Sad

Thanks BCnAZ!! :-)

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