pinephone not on list of non-verizon
I've been able to make and receive call and send sms on Verizon, but haven't been able to receive ms (except for about 8 hours after Chat was updated, once). manual APN changes don't seem to stick on UBT. If anyone has suggestions regarding receiving sms I'm interested. Best I can gather is Chat has an issue fetching messages from the modem.

Using "modem-manager-gui" as my sms app I'm able to send and receive sms on VZ... not as polished looking as Chatty, but at least it works. The trouble I've had would seem to be on Chatty's end, not Pine64.

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RE: pinephone not on list of non-verizon - by brb78 - 07-02-2020, 01:06 PM

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