Pinetab xfce and upgrades
OH man! xfce! sweet! It's been my main DE on all my machines for fifteen years now, so on a tablet would be sweet!

Oh, and for the record, the fact that it runs linux, and won't be forced obscalete (spelling) is my number one reason for ordering it the moment it became available.

I'm so tired of having devices that are unusable after a couple of years due to google abandoning them.
(looks at my nexus 7, nexus 9, pixel, and the five other phones I've got that are useless)
I'm typing this on a seven year old toshiba satellite that runs just fine under debian, (with XFCE, of course,) and I've got two over ten year old laptops that run just fine on the same, excepting batteries.

I can't wait!

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