Can't boot up Manjaro 20.04 eMMc image from SD card...
(06-23-2020, 12:35 PM)rick1959 Wrote:
(06-23-2020, 12:31 PM)nathanielwheeler Wrote:
(06-23-2020, 08:08 AM)carlosqueso Wrote:
(06-23-2020, 06:35 AM)rick1959 Wrote: I've been able to install either Manjaro XFCE or KDE....However, when it comes to running the first update, I get an error message saying that "usr/lib/" already exists and then terminates the update.

Being that it occurs regardless of which image, KDE or XCFE, I use (both were checksummed) I get the same issue.

So, it seems there's something going on. Wonder if my PBP has an internal problem....

So I think this is an issue with Arch.  I had to run:
pamac update --overwrite /usr/lib\*/

to get the updates to install.

Got the idea from here:
but changed it to use pamac instead of the upstream Arch.

How do I access wifi from the microSD?  iwconfig and netctl aren't installed, so I'm not sure how I can update this library.
You're using the NON-eMMC file (image), right? On the SD card...?
Yes, currently logged in as root@manjaro-arm, which is the microSD card.  I suppose I could log into the eMMC as debian, but I don't know how I would make changes from there to the microSD image.

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