(Manjaro) Manipulate AUR PKGBUILD so that it builds on aarch64
Manjaro is completely new to me (not linux). My desktop runs with linux (dual boot) and I have been able to play with Rpi 1,2,3 over the years. But now an aarch64 pinebook pro laptop!
Spent the past 3 days to see what is possible on this laptop. Quite a lot, just miss DRM (netflix, prime, disney +).

I also notice that many community packages (AUR) do not work for aarch64 (only i686 and x86_64). So I immediately started to make them myself:

- https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/openarena-git/
- https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libxmp-aarch64-git/

But found out today that you can still edit the PKGBUILD files for the build. So you can easily add aarch64 to the list of architectures and a lot will work already.

Here with screenshots ...

Click on "edit build files" and add aarch64 click on "Save" and you're done!

[Image: click_on_edit_build_files.png]

[Image: edit_PKGBUILD.png]
I notice that not all "versions" work. You really notice that aarch64 is newer in the world. For example, nblood didn't work but nblood-git did (newer code I think) eduke32 worked, but ran into a few problems, now building eduke32-git

if a build succeeds and works, I immediately ask in the comment if they want to add aarch64.
The future is here! ARM laptops!

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