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Salutations Everyone,

I just purchased my pinebook pro recently and just received it yesterday. I am so excited to finally have a linux operating system as up until this point i've only ever used Mac and Windows. I've never dabbled in Linux before so this will be my maiden voyage.

I've been trying to read the wikis and information on Google but unfortunately I do not have the time to go through all the documentations just yet. I had a few questions:

1. I want to install Thunderbird the email client from the makers of Mozilla firefox do I install with a package manager or outside a package manager. Since I'm new to Linux I must ask what is the package manager and how to do I access it?

2. I wanted to download Discord for my pinebook pro when I went to their site and clicked Download for Linux, two options appeared. deb and tar.gz , I briefly searched these two on Google but there as not beginer to Linux information easily found for what these are and which one I should click on for my pinebook pro.


Sanjev Rajaram

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