Are you like me and can never remember the privacy keys?
I can never remember which keys disabled what. So I used our label printer to print out icons for a "patch panel" on 1/4" black on yellow vinyl. Since space is tight on 1/4" labels icons were used. The phone means microphone (also F10 is directly under the right mic) the triangle has what looks like a wifi signal for F11 and for F12 is a video camera icon for you guessed it the camera. Smile

.jpg   IMG_20200311_102637_1.jpg (Size: 63.29 KB / Downloads: 450)

Next to the lights I made another "sticker" to let me know 2 blinks is enabled. Cause I can never remember that either. 

.jpg   IMG_20200311_102703_1.jpg (Size: 143.96 KB / Downloads: 406)

Now I can't not remember! Sometimes my genius knows no bounds.
LOL... i'm in the same retard boat , NICE!!!!
Yeah, I think that's just because the system is relatively new to most of us. I keep going back to the wiki to look it up but stickers are good. If you don't care what the stickers look like, you could temporarily label them with some pen+paper with clear tape. Or you could just keep a simple text file in your home directory of your favorite Linux distro or something similar.

I do kinda like that these things aren't labeled because it feels so "ninja". Eventually, you'll remember if you use them long enough. But they're not labeled because it was a last-minute design decision FWIU.

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