20mm straps for PineTime
So I was a little surprised that one of the most common reactions to my most recent wasp-os video wasn't so much "wow... coding for PineTime in Python is so awesome" but instead more "wow... that's a neat watch strap you got there". As I said, a little suprised but I am more than happy to roll with it!

In other words I hope others will enrich this thread with their own watch strap reviews... but here's mine.

I'm not a big fan or rubber straps. However soft they just don't breath well enough perhaps because I favour a relatively tight strap. On that basis I started casting about for a different strap.

I tried the metal strap from my old Seiko 5 at well as a simple black leather strap I had lying around. Both worked at holding the watch on but both also looked a bit weird. The metal strap, being silver just didn't work and although the black leather should have worked it just didn't do it for me so I cast the net a bit wider. Eventually I found a magnetic Milanese strap on eBay (this one if you are interested).

It's working out pretty well so far. Once on it is comfortable and (I think that) it looks pretty good. It is a bit fiddly to take on and off because the strap (being magnetic) sticks to itself but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. The black surface will also wear a little over time, especially at the point the magnet holds it. If you like that sort of thing then you'd call it a "nice patina" but there are also people who will simply see it as starting to look worn in less than a month. Personally I'm in the "nice patina" camp and am happy with the way it is wearing so far. I've been wearing it for about three weeks now. There are some very minor signs of wear but currently they are subtle and almost impossible to photograph. I expect them to start look a little more silver streaked as time goes by.

Or the TL; DR: stylish, cheap, comfortable, patina  Cool

[Image: 49640158391_0aaf780d97_w.jpg]
20mm Milanese strap for Pine64 PineTime (flickr)
PineTime: wasp-os and MicroPython, Pinebook Pro:  Debian Bullseye
Very nice [emoji3] Yep I'm quietly learning from the Chatroom how Python on PineTime works... Really different from traditional C-based firmware [emoji3]

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(03-12-2020, 12:20 AM)lupyuen Wrote: Very nice [emoji3] Yep I'm quietly learning from the Chatroom how Python on PineTime works... Really different from traditional C-based firmware [emoji3]

Thanks. I hope to have a first attempt at an app writers guide in the next month or so since I think that will help people better understand how it all hangs together. However I want to tidy the event model and write a launcher first (and maybe also add some basic animations to react to swipes).
PineTime: wasp-os and MicroPython, Pinebook Pro:  Debian Bullseye
I think the waspOS-micropython idea is awesome. I don't know python, but have been considering learning it to complement UNIX shell scripts (Bourne). This may well be the excuse I need to give it a shot. I'm guessing it would be harder to put bash on this Tongue

That is a cool looking watch strap. I have no idea whether a magnetic strap would work well for me, but it's a cool idea and has the benefit of presumably being easy to adjust in very small amounts. As a fan of tool steels (i often carry pocketknives in them), I appreciate a nice patina and frequently end up forcing one as a rust barrier. Also, at a few quid, it's rather affordable. I assume it would be a similar price in the US (maybe a buck or two more due to exchange rate). UPDATE - just ordered one, just over 5 bucks shipped. Not bad!

I started to get into Soviet era mechanical watches (Vostok, to be specific) and grabbed a NATO nylon wrist strap for it. I believe the Vostoks use either an 18mm or 22mm, but There are lots of 20mm straps available as well, and they look great with my Komandirskie. My guess is a plain black one would look great with the PineTime as well - they may have one with black mixed something similar to the PINE logo.
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