Lock screen problem?
Hey, having a bit of an issue. I got Sailfish installed and up to a point where the screen is locked and there are arrows pointing out from the sides implying I should swipe. But nothing happens with swipe sideways. The swipe up and down works as expected. Anyone know what's going on?
Does it persist after a reboot? I have not encountered that problem so far.
(02-07-2020, 07:56 AM)Nooblife Wrote: Does it persist after a reboot? I have not encountered that problem so far.

Yeah, I tried rebooting. I suppose I will try to flash again.
I don't know what's going on. It complains something about lima gpu IRQ so it sounds pretty serious. The weird thing is that I did nothing strange with the install. The only "option" I selected was the question about is my device a pinephone, tablet or dont do evil, to which I answered pinephone.
Aha! I tried again and this time it worked out. I think what happened before was that I interrupted the installation somehow. This time the screen went black at some point when it was setting up the account, and instead of pressing any buttons, I waited.
the problem persists when there is low light. its a bug of the light sensor. Try to hold your phone in the bright light and it will work.

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