Hello everybody
My goal is to buy a pine phone on march at last and to use it ono a major ride to Central Asia .
TO call
TO be a a backup to my GPS via Osmand
TO connect sometimes .
And why Replicant Heart ?
Because  i am an old fan of PK Dick and a less old one of Blade Runner Idea 
so advice is needed.
At this moment i use an old XCOVER2 under cyanogenmod
I too would would like to see Replicant OS supported in the PinePhone it seems to be in discussion. Maybe it will happen in Replicant 9.

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Thank your for information. Will keep on following this.
For the moment i have no idea of the difference or divergence with eOS and ubuntu, the only ones I had used with luna .
currently my only phone works with replicant, obviously without opensource drivers -many things do not work but I must be honest, if it were not for this lack of functionality is better the replicant experience than the android one.
Since pinephone is an open platform, I'd like to see the replicant port too, and I think I'd probably keep it on a separate sd (or better in multiboot) to be able to "play" with apps absent on linux.
But of course I'd keep linux as my first choice.
If Replicant OS gets ported to the PinePhone, I feel it would be likely that Free Software Foundation would add it to its Ethical Tech Giving guide ( )

Purism's Librem 5 is on the list since PureOS has already been evaluated and approved as part of the Free System Distribution Guidelines.  

Replicant OS also has this Free System Distribution Guidelines approval.

Once the port of Replicant is done for the PinePhone, PINE64 need only contact Campaigns at FSF dot Org to look at the PinePhone's inclusion in the Ethical Tech Giving Guide.
this 1 dead ??
I was wondering the same... The Replicant forum it's almost abandoned. What a shame!

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