SBC laptop-like dock
The PineBook Pro is due to arrive Really Soon Now, and I'm surely getting one. However, I find myself missing a lapdock-like solution. With the PineBook Pro and PineBook already equipped with screen, keyboard/touchpad, HDMI and battery, we're almost there. Add an input-board with signal converter for the onboard screen, an internal powered USB3 hub for external keyboard/touchpad/wifi and a dedicated port (USB-C?) to power an external SBC in a portable product, and you're there. 
I see several potential use-cases:
  • Portable KVM-machine for datacenter work
  • Troubleshooting SBCs that usually run headless
  • Pine64 SBC workstation
  • Super-portable video editing workstation (add a NUC or equivalent mITX computer)
  • A soberly priced (and available) alternative to PiTop
  • Convert a PinePhone (or really any phone) to a laptop

Are there any other users on this forum that would buy a product like that from Pine64?
Am I the only one that want said product?
No, I'm on it already. ( )
( )

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